We are story makers, working toward a world
where books are loved by all.

With every tale we tell, we hope to grow the world’s joy of reading, and nurture new authors, illustrators and young readers – both here in India and across the globe. We like to think of ourselves as more than a children’s book publisher, but a community of creatives. Day after day, what we do is driven by the meaningful connections we make: between words and pictures, kids and community, inspiration and action.  

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Sanya is the head bookworm behind Daffodil Lane. An avid reader and content producer, Sanya knows a good story when she sees it. After discovering a need for better, more diverse children’s books in India, she set out to reimagine the publishing industry. In 2018 Sanya created Daffodil Lane, a name inspired by “little daffodil”, the nickname she was lovingly called by her father.

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Urvashi is our in house dreamer and illustrator, and you can count on her to come up with the most out-of-the-box ideas. Versatile, she likes experimenting with different media and art forms. A big fan of Japan and everything Japanese, Urvashi has been practising art since she was seven, and to this day, preserves a collection of artwork she drew when she was a child. Urvashi would opt for an alternate career in opera singing despite being a (self-proclaimed) bad singer.

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Letisha is our social media maven and illustrator. A die hard 80’s fan, you can find Fleetwood Mac and Iron & Wine on her playlist, an unusual choice for a millennial. She cannot tolerate tardiness and cringes when a perfectly good photo of her dessert is ruined with a bite. She is an obsessive pinner and has archives of design photos saved on her phone. A self-taught designer, Letisha has a way with colours and is always up for a challenge.

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freelance Writer

Chandni is our freelance writer. Her love for picturebooks dates back to half a decade ago when she was looking for picture books for her nephew in a public library in New York. When Chandni isn't writing stories for picture books, you can find her outdoors, soaking up some sun or trekking up a nature trail. She loves to discover cozy bookstores and collect picture books from around the world.

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Office Assistant

Our first member at the office, she always brings us coffee even before we can ask for it. Priya is enviably organised and a mother of two. She is always the first one in and can get photocopies taken at the speed of light!


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